Oil Spill Must-Know Numbers

Who to call and where to get the latest info on the Gulf oil spill disaster.

Sea Turtle

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For General Information

Call the Joint Information Center at 866/448-5816.


Gulf Oil Spill Tracker

Courtesy of oilspill.skytruth.org

To Track the Oil

Check out the Gulf Oil Spill Tracker at oilspill.skytruth.org.

For How and Where To Volunteer

Call the oil spill volunteer hotline at 866/448-5816.

Daphne, Alabama volunteers participate in "pre-event" trash cleanup along shorelines to remove materials that could turn into hazardous materials if oiled.

For Wildlife Information

To find out how area wildlife has been affected check out Audubon’s website at audubon.org.

To Report Condition of Wildlife

Call or visit the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research at 866/557-1401 or tristatebird.org.


Aerial view of Mobile Bay

Courtesy of Sarah Latta/Coastal Living

To Report Property Damage

Call the claims hotline at 800/440-0858.


To Report Damaged Shorelines or Request Volunteer Information

Call the volunteer hotline at 866/448-5816.

Environmental Protection Agency

Courtesy of epa.gov

To Report Oil Pollution

If you see or smell pollution related to the oil spill call the EPA’s National Response Center at 800/424-8802 or visit epa.gov/oem/content/partners/nrsnrc.htm.

Mobile Bay boat

Courtesy of Sarah Latta/Coastal Living

To Volunteer Your Vessel

If you want to volunteer your vessel for relief efforts call a vessel volunteer hotline at 281/366-5511.

Louisiana State Seal

Courtesy of Louisiana.gov

For Up-to-Date Information and To Volunteer in Louisiana

Check out Louisiana’s emergency response website at emergency.louisiana.gov.


To Get Oil Updates and to Volunteer in Alabama

Check out Mobile Baykeeper’s Web site at mobilebaykeeper.org or call them at 251/433-4229.

To Volunteer in Florida

Visit volunteerfloridadisaster.org or call United Way First Call For Help at 850/595-5905.

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