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Backyard Beer-Tasting Party

In honor of beer's biggest festival, the owner's of Savannah's Moon River Brewing Company drafted a party menu, complete with frothy companions to match.

Beer-Food Pairings
Photo: Squire Fox

Beer, Meet Food

Like wine, beer can harmonize with food, making them both more enjoyable. Here are some tips for matchmaking success.

  • Rather than red wine, try ale, which has similar traits-fuller, more complex flavors, with hops standing in for tannins.
  • For white wine, substitute lager, which pairs well with poultry and fish. Lighter-bodies beers are generally a good choice for appetizers and lighter dishes.
  • Seek hoppyness: Hops give beer a variety of floral and other notes and impart a palate-pleasing edge that goes well with spicy or creamy dishes but can overwhelm more delicate ones. A hoppy ale plays well against the richness of salmon.
  • Complement flavors, matching sweet with sweet and tart with tart. A dry pale ale that pairs beautifully with a savory stew will clash with a dessert, but a sweeter, malty ale won't.
  • Contrast flavors. A dry stout is a classic match for chocolate cake. A full-bodied ale is a natural fit for a grilled steak, but a good lager can be a crisp foil for those smoky, juicy flavors.

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