Build a Gingerbread Lighthouse

Create a gingerbread house with a nautical twist. Here's the recipe and directions from our friends in coastal Maine.

In helping with her mother's Christmas tea party in Kittery Point, Maine, Sarah Gibbons Drummond and friends gave the typical gingerbread house a regional look. This meticulously crafted lighthouse, complete with gummy lobsters and Lifesaver windows, is a tasty replica of nearby Whale Back Light, which stands at the entrance to Portsmouth Harbor.

Sarah's mother, Marcia Gibbons, has welcomed local mothers and daughters to her waterside home for 13 years. And Sarah's gingerbread creation was an instant hit, especially with the younger girls, who anticipate dismantling the lighthouse and tasting it at the party's end.

All candy for Whaleback Light from Yummies on Coastal Rt. 1, Kittery Point, Maine, or 877/498-6643.

* Gingerbread Recipe
* Assembly Instructions
* Roof Template
* Walls Template

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