Five Coastal Feasts

Howard L. Puckett
Savor your next day at the shore (or in your own backyard) with these beachworthy dishes to share with family and friends.

Enjoying a meal by the ocean's breeze is one of life's most relaxing treasures. Somehow the salt air accentuates flavors just as it relaxes the mind and spirit. An ocean backdrop frees the palate to admire every bite. Sharing this experience with others allows everyone to take advantage of the surroundings. Want an unforgettable experience? Remove the tarp after an all-day lobster bake, and finally savor the taste of succulent tails dipped in melted butter. Or hold a fire-branded skewer and bite into savory shrimp sizzling from the grill.

Coastal Living knows how to take charge of moments like these, and we also know how to sit back and enjoy full sensory captivation. Here are five coastal feasts to help you make the most of your next day at the shore (or to create a beach party in your own backyard). We encourage you to indulge in the essence of the coast with these traditional, cherished seafood dishes.




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