Photo: Stephen DeVries; food styling: Erin Merhar

Homemade Bloody Mary mix and bacon-infused booze included.

At the beach, everyone is up with the sun, which means happy hour comes just a little earlier in the day. Make the morning Mary-er with a house-made mix, infused vodkas, and garnishes galore. Get our ultimate guide to the best Bloody Mary bar ever, right here.

1. Make Our Homemade Bloody Mary Mix

Sure, a bottled bloody mix is the simplest brunch remedy. But it will never have the brightness and complexity of a homemade batch. And ours—made with English cucumbers, Old Bay, Worcestershire sauce, and lots of fresh citrus—is almost as easy. Just blend this stockpile together until smooth, and voila, you've got the impressive makings of the perfect beach breakfast cocktail. Recipe: Homemade Bloody Mary Mix

2. Infuse Your Booze

How to elevate even inexpensive bottles of vodka? Steep overnight with citrus, bacon fat, or a handful of your favorite aromatics.

Spicy Chile Vodka

We’ve got the perfect Bloody add-in for those who like it hot: a vodka that’s steeped overnight with three different kinds of chiles (jalapeno, habanero, and red Fresno). Want it even spicier? Just leave the chiles in an extra 8 hours. Recipe: Spicy Chile Vodka

Citrus-Lemongrass Vodka

This zesty infusion features strips of lemon, lime peel, and a lemongrass stalk, which lends some Thai-inflected flavor to our homemade bloody mary mix. Recipe: Citrus-Lemongrass Vodka

Bacon-Washed Vodka

Why limit the bacon craze to edible pleasures when it can be a part of your breakfast cocktail? The technique of fat washing involves adding a fat, (in this case, bacon drippings) to an alcohol (in this case, vodka), chilling the mixture until the fat solidifies at the top of the liquor, and then skimming the fat off and discarding. The vodka retains the bacon's smoky, meaty flavor, so your booze (and your bloody!) gets a serious upgrade. Recipe: Bacon-Washed Vodka

3. Employ This Genius Ice Cube Hack:

Say so long to watered-down drinks by whipping up a batch of Bloody Mary ice cubes, made with pickle juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and an olive for good looks.

4. Season Up Your Bloody Mary Rim Salt

C'mon! You can do better than that perfunctory coating of kosher flakes. Give your cocktail that extra oomph with a salt rim stippled with Old Bay, celery salt, and coriander. Just dip the lip of your glass in a shallow dish of lemon juice, dunk in our spicy salt blend, and fill up with ice, homemade bloody mix, and your choice of infused vodkas. Recipe: Bloody Mary Rim Salt

5. Prep the Accoutrements

It wouldn't be a bloody mary without an over-the-top skewer of sour and salty goods. Get garish with your garnishes and lay out a spread that includes: boiled shrimp, celery, lemons and limes, pickled okra, beef jerky, olives, bacon, cornichons, pickle brine, cheddar cubes, hard-boiled eggs, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce (such as sriracha or Red Clay out of Charleston.)

6. Make It A Michelada

If you've got beer drinkers in your morning midst, they can get in on the tomato-spiked fun too. Show them how to put together Mexico's best—and easiest—beer cocktail in three effortless steps:

 Illustration: Matt Caserta

1. Crack open a can of Mexican-style lager (such as Tecate or 21st Amendment's El Sully), and take a pull.

2. Add 1 tsp. each of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and Maggi Seasoning (or soy sauce), and the juice from half a lime.

3. Rub the rim of the can with a lime wedge, and sprinkle with kosher salt and chili powder. Cheers!