More Boatgating Spots

Whether you call it boatgating or sterngating, dock your boat here for pregame food and fun.

Florida and Georgia tailgaters aren't the only fans who enjoy their pregame festivities on the water. Lakes and rivers play host to several college football revelries around the country.

University of Tennessee
The so-called "Vol Navy" comes out in full force every game day, lining the slips of Volunteer Landing along the Tennessee River with grills, coolers, and plenty of blazing orange aboard their boats. The party continues until just before kickoff, when the floating armada of fans makes the quick 200-yard trek up to Neyland Stadium. But leftover food and half-full coolers are sure to beckon Vol fans back to the water just after the fourth quarter--if not before.

University of Washington
Lake Washington becomes a sea of dark purple any fall Saturday that the Huskies are in town. Continuing a tradition that began in 1920, eager fans arrive by boat at Husky Stadium to a shore that is easily accessible from all over Seattle. Water taxis ferry "boatgaters" to and from the game, but often people can't decide if there is more action on the field or in the water.

West Point
Though they leave water expertise up to the Navy when it comes to military operations, Army fans specialize in it during football season. Pregame parties extend along docks lining the Hudson River, and students, parents, alumni, and friends get ready for the game aboard boats of all shapes and sizes. The party will be a little smaller this year, as increased security is restricting the number of slips available. But the northern docks will still play host to the floating revelry and those loyal Army fans.

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