5 Sandwich Ideas for Your Beach Lunch Buffet

With names like Slim Aarons and Blue Hawaii, you know these sammies are perfect for the beach.

The beach is calling, and the kids are anxious to get back outside. Don't even think about entertaining a dozen different lunch requests! Instead, stock up on an arsenal of savory sandwich fixings, display them in a buffet spread, and encourage everyone to stack 'em high.

The Fixings:

Veggies: Romaine, tomatoes, onion, fresh herb mix (dill, parsley, basil), slaw
Cheese: Provolone, sharp Cheddar, pepper Jack, pimiento cheese, feta
Spreads: Mayo, grainy mustard, hot honey, sriracha, pepper jelly, peanut butter
Meat: Smoked turkey, black forest ham, mortadella, roast beef, tuna salad
Crunch: Potato chips, bacon, hot cherry peppers, pickles, giardiniera
Bread: Pullman loaf, Kaiser rolls, sourdough, rye, ciabatta

The Coastal Living Sandwich Cheat Sheet

The Our signature sandwich combinations layer bright flavors, toothsome textures, and creative fillings.

Moby-Dick: Kaiser roll + roast beef + pepper jelly + slaw + barbecue potato chips (pictured below)

Slim Aarons: 1 sourdough slice + beefsteak or heirloom tomato slices + feta + herbs + sea salt + drizzle of olive oil (pictured below)

Blue Hawaii: 2 Pullman slices + peanut butter + bacon + hot honey (pictured below)

Victory At Sea: 2 rye slices + tuna salad + Romaine + hot cherry peppers (pictured below)

Perfect Storm: 2 sourdough slices + pimiento cheese + ham + pickles + sriracha (Smear outsides of sourdough with mayo, and toast in a heavy skillet over medium-low. Best. Grilled. Cheese. Ever!) (pictured below)

Photo: Top: Stephen DeVries; food styling: Erin Merhar; Sandwich Illustrations: Matt Caserta

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