Supper on a Skewer

Jean Allsopp
Grab the Sterno and heat the pot. Fondue's hot all over again.

Traditional Swiss fondue consists of three main ingredients that always marry well-wine, cheese, and bread. In our recipe, grated Emmentaler and Gruyère melt in bubbling white wine. Add a slurry of cornstarch for thickening and cherry brandy for flavor. The result is a rich, molten mixture perfect for dunking chunks of good French bread.

For the main course, sweet and tangy grilled shrimp are served fondue-style, with long skewers for dipping into a trio of flavorful sauces: citrus-chipotle, chimichurri, and blonde barbecue.

A smooth dark-chocolate fondue finishes the meal. Offer this dessert with a variety of dippers, such as pound cake or fresh fruit, and sprinkle with toasted almonds and coconut. Use any leftovers to top ice cream.


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