Mmm Mmm Good

Courtesy of Cooking Light
Chase away winter's chill with a steaming bowl of seafood chowder.

It's easy to forget what you love about winter when you're scraping ice from your windshield or bracing yourself against howling winds. We've rounded up some amazing chowders to help you celebrate the joy of curling up with a cup of hearty soup at the end of a chilly day.

Smoky Salmon-Clam Chowder
Cheese lovers rejoice! Smoked mozzarella, flaked smoked salmon, and chunks of fresh carrot put a spin on traditional clam chowder.

Maine Clam Chowder
Classic Maine chowder includes potatoes, steamer clams, and, yes, bacon. We suggest a crusty French loaf for dunking, and a designated line for second helpings.

Rhode Island Clam Chowder
Rhode Islanders substitute cubed pork for bacon and add tomatoes for extra tang. Shucked, hard-shell clams and a good pinch of basil reinforce the mantra that "different is good."

Chunky Potato-Crab Chowder
Serve this easy New England-style recipe and your guests will applaud. Red-skin potatoes and lump crabmeat produce a rich, creamy soup―and you won't believe it's low fat!

Corn-Fish Chowder
The unique combination of corn, catfish, and chicken broth creates a thin chowder―ideal for lunch or an appetizer. Potato flakes and yummy bacon contribute to a classic taste everyone will enjoy.

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