New England by the Spoon

Becky Luigart-Stayner
Three classic shellfish dishes define coastal indulgence.

When ingredients naturally burst with flavor the way lobster, scallops, and oysters do, it's tempting to serve them simply and save the real work for dessert. But even the most sumptuous shellfish can benefit from an occasional dress-up. These New England classics from Chef Rebecca Charles, owner of New York's famed Pearl Oyster Bar, appear elegant but retain their no-nonsense Yankee attitude.

Scallop Chowder with Pernod and Thyme
Next to lobster, no food evokes coastal New England as much as chowder. This sea scallop rendition is freshened with thyme and finished with the anise-flavor liqueur Pernod.

Lobster Stew
Lobster stew is open to broad interpretation―every New England cook has a favorite recipe. This version, lush with mushrooms, peas, potatoes, and chunks of lobster, boasts a sauce of cream and sherry cooked down to a briny sweetness. Get a great lobster stock recipe here.

Oyster Pan Roast with Horseradish Toast
A classic pan roast can be made with almost any shellfish. Served with crusty bread, Rebecca's oyster adaptation makes an ideal first course. Add a salad for the ultimate seaside lunch.

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