Beachy Boho Interiors

Dress a room up or down with natural textures and materials for an earthy, laid-back vibe.


Jean Allsopp

Hanging Out

Exotic and functional, these hanging beds have fun written all over them. Punchy striped fabric on the walls and Roman shade create a seamless backdrop, while an orange rug and throw pillows pop.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Blank Slate

A wall of south-facing windows floods the seating area with light, keeping the neutral color palette from feeling cold.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Visual Interest

Wood softens the lines in this modern kitchen, and warm tones balance the industrial appearance of limestone countertops and stainless appliances.


Ray Kachatorian

Good Vibrations

Reclaimed wood flooring warms the space while a mix of fabrics in complementary hues add splashes of color.


Ray Kachatorian

Natural Choices

A grass roots headboard provides textural contrast to the smooth woods and soft, organic linens in the master bedroom. Instead of paint the homeowners opted for wood paneling and accessories to bring in color.


Jean Allsopp

Neutral Stance

Liberal use of natural materials showcases this home’s focus on sustainability. Coquina stone surrounds the fireplace, pecky cypress lines the alcove walls, and natural fibers such as raffia and sea grass form throw pillows and rugs.


Jean Allsopp

Stylish Hideaway

Concrete molded beds provide extra storage for favorite books. Designer fabrics blend with architectural features such as quarried travertine floors and a thatched roof woven from dried palm fronds.


Sophie Munro

Vintage Appeal

Diluted terra-cotta-colored paint sponged onto walls lends a sense of history to this dining room with paintings inspired by the house and its contents.


Troy Campbell

Ocean Art

Hundreds of hand-placed shells form a textured backsplash and crafty wall art in this citrus-accented kitchen.


Troy Campbell

Peace Out

Funky artwork and shell accents give this eclectic cottage an always-on-vacation vibe.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Blue Crush

In this master suite, two walls open completely to the sea. Breezy fabrics in sea shades mimic the ocean outside.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Island Exotica

Furnishings from across Asia, including a coffee table made from an Indian elephant cart, strike an exotic note in this living room. Louver-topped folding doors maximize views and ventilation.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Airy Retreat

White paint and fabrics give a cool feel to a bedroom tucked into a hillside. Sheer fabrics and natural elements bathe the room in a beachy calm.


Dominique Vorillon

Make It Yours

Customization is key when trying to achieve a bohemian look. A basic chandelier is dressed up with vintage beads, and shades constructed from a shawl grace the windows. An average desk chair finds itself topped with pineapple finials.

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