Sailor Chic Interiors

Salute the coast with colors and images pulled straight from the sea.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Nautical & Nice

This kitchen’s boat-like style comes straight from its proximity to the water. The mahogany countertops were sealed with marine varnish, consistent with yacht design. Brushed-nickel hardware modeled after boat cleats accents the refrigerator and freezer.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Built In

Bold stripes and playful prints puts a fun spin on the nautical theme. The built-in daybed expands this home’s yacht-like appeal and provides the perfect sleeping spot for afternoon naps or overnight guests. The extra height of this daybed creates the bunk feel of first-mate sleeping quarters.


William Abranowicz

Coastal Americana

This upbeat interior aims to bring a smile with its bold patterns and classic color scheme. We love the vintage sailboat photographs and ocean-themed touches that give a subtle sea vibe to the traditional colonial style.


Jean Allsopp

Making Waves

You can call attention to a room's architectural elements by painting trim and molding a deep navy. Wake up the floor by painting a nautical motif or stripes of alternating shades of blue.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Instant Update

Dress up outdoor furniture with colors of sea and sky to pack a nautical punch.


Tria Giovan

Dressed Up

Create your own elevated art with decorative ceilings and floors.  Try painted stripes, botanical collages, or nautical charts. Anchor themed wallpaper and a stenciled motif on painted wood floors adds a playful touch to this classically coastal kitchen.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

All Aboard Style

A built-in bed with navy-and-white linens lends yachtlike feel. Brass fixtures and polished wood accents enhance the stateroom effect.


Paul Whicheloe

Character Building

Everyday items hung in a series create a graphic focal point of architecture-free walls. Baskets, oars, shutters, and even wheels double as art.


Jean Allsopp

Summertime Blues

A flat woven rug in traditional blue-and-white looks just right beneath this master bedroom’s coordinating bed and linens. Overhead, an antique canvas kayak reminds homeowners that the water is only steps away.


Roger Davies

Ship Shaped

This casual dining area features a freestanding custom replica of a ship’s table surrounded by banquette seating. A retro-nautical light fixture hangs overhead.


Lisa Romerein

Sea Reflection

Elegant water-resistant fabrics, pillows, and blankets inspire connection with the sea and can handle this cottage’s heavy traffic.


Lisa Romerein

Smart Use of Space

Floating shelves for nightstands and wall sconces in place of bulky table lamps help accommodate the bedroom’s pint-size space. Billowing fabrics overhead soften the lines of the ceiling and walls, while adding more texture and interest plus the illusion of extra height.


Lisa Romerein

Personal Touch

The homeowners dubbed their open living and dining space “The Boathouse” after outfitting it with nautical details.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

On Deck

The homeowners dubbed their open living and dining space “The Boathouse” after outfitting it with nautical details.


Kindra Clineff

Sailcloth Chic

A custom slipcover constructed from handmade recycled sails makes a nautical statement and preserves their heritage.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Ocean Lining

Inside this wood-and-glass conservatory just above the high tide line, built-in furnishings and mahogany walls wrap the tiny space, creating the sense of being on a yacht.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Warm & Bright

Knotty pine walls reminiscent of old beach homes and wooden sailing vessels combined with saturated blue, green, and white fabrics create the classic look of a luxury liner.


Brian Vanden Brink

Simply Styled

No need to be overtly nautical when working with a classic coastal color scheme. Simple shades of blue and yellow can convey the desired feeling.

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