Building to Last: A Lasting Impression

A compilation of resources to help you weather the storm.

We at Coastal Living know readers are ready to repair or rebuild if the need arises. Every year, manufacturers develop better materials, and we become stronger and more prepared for what may happen. The following stories contain advice and ideas to help homeowners protect against Mother Nature. While we cannot predict the weather, we can try our best to safeguard what we love.

Building to Last: Weathering the Storm Our special section highlights the latest in building technology and smart construction that help coastal residents face Mother Nature at her best―and at her worst.

Building to Last: Stormworthy Products We can thank storms―and the building codes they inspire―for products that protect homes near the shore.

Building to Last: Why We Stay Living on the coast inspires devotion in the face of danger. Are the risks worth the rewards? We think so.

Building to Last: Designing Under Extreme Conditions Building and remodeling on the shore requires storm-savvy design and time-tested techniques.

Building to Last: Building Behind Nature
A growing body of knowledge about the natural cycles of the shore factors into development along the nation’s coastline.

Design Help Online
Search the Web for innovative design approaches in coastal storm zones.

Ties That Bind Lightweight connectors give a house hidden strength.

Help in a Flash
Inexpensive and effective, flashing makes your beach home watertight.

Building to Last: New Attitude
After discovering the benefits of prefabrication, a couple pays homage to the Arts and Crafts tradition.

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