Catch the Cabin Fever

Courtesy of Southland Log Homes
Satisfy your inner pioneer with these log home resouces.

Whether you loved Lincoln Logs as a kid, or simply like the idea of a warm getaway, a log cabin may be the change of pace you've been looking for. Check out the rustic retreats offered by three manufacturers specializing in log cabin construction.

Original Log Cabin Homes builds styles ranging from "classic to contemporary and rustic to regal," according to their Web site. The spacious, well-crafted homes are made from the highest quality log cabin woods on the market, such as bald cypress, western red cedar, and eastern white pine. Call 800/562-2246 or visit

Appalachian Log Homes has more than 40 pre-planned log cabin designs to choose from, but will also work with your tastes, interests, and budget to modify a plan to best suit your needs. The company offers completed models ranging from 432 square feet to 10,000-plus, and outfits the homes with all the features and amenities necessary for making your log cabin a permanent residence. Call 800/726-0708 or visit

Southland Log Homes has "converted sketches from napkins into dream homes," according to their Web site. Whether or not you're an amateur napkin architect, the designers at Southland Log Homes will work with buyers to adapt and enhance any plan. In addition to using top-quality products such as kiln-dried logs and offering several log profile options, this company guarantees your home as long as you live in it. Call 800/641-4754 or visit

West Coast Log Homes provides full design services, window packages, and finishing options for three types of homes: Traditional Hand-Crafted, Post and Beam, and Fusion Style. Their team of experts selects trees, which are almost exclusively Western Red Cedar, from British Columbia's coastal forests. The logs are then hand-stripped and pressure-washed to enhance durability while preserving the wood's unique characteristics. West Coast Log Homes will work with your local contractors, and construct all homes before they're shipped. Call 604/886-4279 or visit

For more comprehensive information on builders, plans, methods, and all things log home, visit these Web sites: International Log Builders Association ( or Log Homes Council of the National Association of Home Builders (

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