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Searching for the latest trends in home technology and design? Here are some products making a splash this summer.

Better Building

Problem: You need a quick, simple fix for drafty and odd-size windows.

Solution: Ultimate Replacement Casement windows by Marvin. They can be made to fit almost any size window opening, and a unique design allows for speedy installation―no need to disturb existing trim. Even better, the panes pivot inward for easy cleaning.

888/537-7828 or

Problem: Unpredictable weather threatens to damage that perfectly planned addition.

Solution: Nautilus wall sheathing by Georgia-Pacific. With a weather-resistant barrier, this product boosts energy-efficiency by minimizing air leaks and moisture damage, so there is no need for costly building wrap with time-consuming installation.

800/284-5347 or

Stylish Surfaces

Problem: Your bland kitchen needs more flavor.

Solution: Silestone Life Series countertops by Cosentino. With an eye-popping palette ranging from Key-lime green to indigo, these natural-quartz countertops promise to take your kitchen from so-so to smashing.

800/291-1311 or

Problem: You want to give your tired home a fresh facade (with minimal effort).

Solution: CoastalReef veneers by Eldorado Stone. A smooth back surface allows this faux stone to be installed over existing walls inside and out, so adding instant appeal has never been easier.

800/925-1491 or

Household Helpers

Problem: You're a cooking novice with gourmet taste.

Solution: Sensor Dome cooktop by Thermador. This revamped electric cooktop can make anyone look like a culinary know-it-all. The latest infrared technology senses the temperature of your cookware and maintains precise heat as you cook.

800/735-4328 or

Problem: Your outdated fridge doesn't hold up to heavy summer traffic.

Solution: Four-Door French-Door Refrigerator by LG. This model offers a 1-foot-tall ice and water dispenser (a first among French-door models), double freezer drawers (the top drawer holds frequently accessed items, and the bottom drawer stores bulky or long-term items), and a hydraulic hinge system that automatically closes doors.

800/243-0000 or

Before and After Resources

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