Weatherproofing Solutions for Your Home

These beach house design ideas are essential for bracing the elements – from intense sunlight to strong winds

A coastal living room with weatherproofing elements.

Built to Last

These 14 beach house design ideas are essential for weatherproofing your home from the elements, including waterproofing and bracing for strong winds.

House with stuccoed concrete-block siding and an cedar-shake roof.

Lisa Romerein

Coastal Building Materials

Problem: Many building materials require tedious upkeep due to deterioration from exposure to coastal air.

Solution: Stuccoed concrete-block siding stands up to powerful storms; cedar-shake roofs can last for up to 40 years, more than twice the average lifespan of asphalt.

A living room with laminated glass windows.

Lisa Romerein

Laminated Glass Windows

Problem: Flying debris from strong storms isn't particularly friendly to glass.

Solution: Windows with impact-resistant coating can withstand pressure from winds up to 200  miles per hour and flying debris up to 35 miles per hour without shattering. Laminated glass also increases a house's overall stability.

Arched door handles in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Lisa Romerein

Arched Door Handles

Problem: Salt air rusts most metal hardware

Solution: The elegant arched door handles won't pit or corrode, thanks to the protective oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Arched door handles in Oil Rubbed Bronze
$180 each for retailers

Wicker chairs are featured on a beach house patio.

Lisa Romerein

Wicker Furniture

Problem: While it's a great look for the beach, wicker can rot easily.

Solution: Made of a synthetic woven material over powder-coated aluminum frames, these look-like-the-real-thing chairs are a match for coastal elements.

Havana Modular Lounge Chair
from $3,195 for retailers

Room featuring furniture upholstered in fade and weather-resistant fabrics

Lisa Romerein

Upholstered Furniture

Problem: The sun and damp sea air can mildew fabric on furniture.

Solution: Pick sofas and chairs with loose cushions that are easier to replace, or simply cover cushions in weather and fade-resistant fabrics.

Painted cedar floorboards prevent warping and rotting.

Lisa Romerein

Wood Floors

Problem: Wood floors are prone to warping and rotting.

Solution: Painted cedar floorboards have a glossy, oil-based exterior finish for extra durability.

Natural rush mats are a good solution for scorchingly hot pool decks.

Lisa Romerein

Pool Deck Surfaces

Problem: Sun-soaked pool decks can get scorchingly hot.

Solution: Natural rush mats are an eco-friendly alternative to towels and feel cool on bare feet.

Egg Cup Planter

Lisa Romerein

Egg Cup Planter

Problem: The sun and salt air will eventually corrode planters.

Solution: Look for lightweight, weather-resistant resin planters that are modeled after their heavier counterparts. They won't crack and chip, and they're easier to move.

Egg Cup Planter
$350 to $2,400 each

Seaside bedroom with a vaulted ceiling.

Lisa Romerein

Vaulted Ceilings

Problem: Stifling heat can cause discomfort in a boxy room.

Solution: A trademark of island architecture, a vaulted roof is both pretty and practical, keeping indoor spaces cooler by pulling warmer air high above living areas.

The Summer Breeze Fan provides additional air circulation.

Lisa Romerein

Poor Circulation

Problem: A stuffy room can cause restless nights--a serious vacation buzzkill.

Solution: Installing a ceiling fan can provide additional air circulation by dispersing cool breezes. And it's stylish enough to work with any beach decor.

Summer Breeze Fan
$180 for retailers

Heavy curtains can resist pesky mildew and harsh sunlight.

Lisa Romerein

Heavy Curtains

Problem: Intense sunlight damages standard-issue curtains and disrupts sleep.

Solution: Made of fade- and rot-resistant fabric, these heavy curtains stand up to harsh sun and pesky mildew. A blackout lining helps late risers to snooze longer. Be sure to install curtains on a sturdy rod that can support their weight.

Rough 'N Rowdy Fabric in Sea Salt for pricing and showrooms

These cedar shutters are perfect for protecting outdoor areas.

Lisa Romerein

Cedar Shutters

Problem: Strong winds can sometimes make it difficult to relax outside while taking in stunning views.

Solution: Caribbean-style cedar shutters weather beautifully and can handle sun and moisture while protecting outdoor areas. "The added bonus of cedar is that salt air actually helps preserve the wood, making it last up to several decades," says architect Don Cooper.


Classic Polyester Rope Hammock

Lisa Romerein

Sturdy Hammock

Problem: Cotton hammocks easily mildew and rot if left outside for long periods. Plus, they're cumbersome to move indoors after each use.

Solution: Buy a sturdy, anti-mildew polyester rope hammock that can be left outdoors year-round. It's just as comfortable as its cotton cousin.


Classic Polyester Rope Hammock

Weatherproof Adirondack chairs can stay put on a beach house lawn.

Lisa Romerein

Outdoor Chairs

Problem: Hauling heavy, wooden Adirondack chairs inside for protection from the elements can be a real drag.

Solution: Made of high-density recycled plastic and rust-proof hardware, these maintenance-free chairs can stay put.


Polywood Recycled Plastic Curveback Adirondack Chair


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