For Sale: Four Tiny Cape Cod Cottages Right on the Beach

Here’s a chance to own a slice of New England summer magic. And have every person you’ve ever known hitting you up for an invite.

Right along the arc of Cape Cod Bay between North Truro and Provincetown, Massachusetts, the iconic Days’ Cottages were first opened in 1931, and the Days family has rented out their row of 22 white cottages for almost 90 years—though this may be their last season.

A few years ago, the current owner and his wife announced their hope to retire soon and listed the cottages for sale. The cottages—each named after a different flower—have been sold off one by one over the years, and this year, just four remain: three from the original listing, and one that has been purchased and then re-listed.

Gregg Russo of RE/MAX Long Point originally listed all the cottages, and he said he suspects this may be the last year any are available.

The cottages are lined up along Route 6A, which is also known as Shore Road, between North Truro and Provincetown. All are beachfront, and the exteriors are all identical; a town zoning law prevents any of the new owners from remodeling the exteriors, preserving the white cottages and their teal shutters—and the iconic visage of white cottages along the beach—for years to come. Purchasers of the cottages may update the interiors, as long as none of the changes alter the appearance of the exterior.

All 22 cottages are 420 square feet, with two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a living space with windows facing the water. Twenty were listed with an asking price of $399,000, while the two end units (dubbed Daisy and Wisteria, respectively) asked higher prices. The three cottages still listed by Russo (Zinnia, Violet, and Peony) all ask $399,000, and price is non-negotiable, Russo said.

Because the last four remaining—and all those listed for sale, in fact—are nearly identical inside and out, picking a cottage comes down to one thing: “People choose by the flower name,” Russo said. And with only four cottages left, pickings are getting slim!

The cottages still owned by the Day family are operating as rentals until they are sold, and any outstanding rentals are resolved in collaboration with each respective cottage’s new owner. Some new owners rent out their cottages individually, as well. For more information on the original cottages still available, contact Gregg Russo of RE/MAX Long Point.

Scroll on for more images of Zinnia, Violet, and Peony:

All photos: Elyssa Cohen

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