Blast From the Past

Courtesy of Plow & Hearth
Retro patio furniture makes a comeback-inside and out.

Home fashion from the '50s and '60s continues to grace patios and porches, but it certainly isn't limited to outdoor spaces these days. You can spice up kitchen decor with a retro aluminum dinette. Or try a yellow spring-back metal chair or purple glider love seat for bold color in the living room. The durability of reproduction and restored furniture accents have homeowners scouring the Web and showrooms for the perfect find. Browse through a few of our vintage-inspired favorites.

Gather 'Round
Entertain family and friends around this café table from Homecrest. The small size makes for great patio dining or scrumptious seafood dinners in the kitchen. An aluminum Latté version ($100-$110 for chairs; $200 for Starburst Café Table) is available with or without padded seats. Visit for a local dealer.

Bright Idea
Retro embodies bright, funky tones and bold prints. A '50s-style metal green glider [from Torrans Manufacturing Company] is perfect for lovebirds ($199). Various colors are available. Call 888/229-2421 or visit

Casual Comfort
All the rage in the '50s, steel outdoor furniture is still hot today. Try a vintage-inspired shell-back seat ($60) with spring base and weather-resistant finish. Or take it indoors to punch up basic white walls. Call 800/494-7544 or visit

Easy Glider
True retro style adds energy, but encourages a slower pace. This glider love seat (regularly $600; sale price $400) provides great color and tempts owners with hours of comfortable rocking. Visit

The Real Deal
Make a statement with an authentic vintage piece. Retropatio (see Outdoor Americana ) offers restored furniture in more than 400 colors. Go bold with a striking red chair, or customize your own. Visit

Retro Accents
Votive Candleholders Add flair with accessories. Vintage lawn chair votive candleholders ($40 for six) provide a nostalgic ambience. Fill with bug-repellent candles to keep outdoor areas pest-free, or choose a sweet-smelling votive to set a mood indoors. Call 800/227-7598 or visit

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