Cabin Style

Dramatic architecture and minimal accessories are the keys to this rustic design.

Go Natural
Knotty wood beams and columns add great texture to any room. (And plain wooden walls contribute rich patina and graining.) Use structural elements like the staircase shown here to define different areas within large rooms.

Check out for cedar and pine furniture, stairways and railings, and half-log stairs; for custom-handcrafted mantels, stairs, railings, and architectural elements; and for cabin decor, including afghans, fleece and wool throws, and accent pillows.

Cozy Charm
Small bedrooms don't have to feel crowded. Bunk kids' beds to make the most of limited space. Soft bedding, a chair or two, and a chest of drawers are all this room really needs to feel welcoming.

Check out for log beds, bunk beds, daybeds, armoires, dressers, and more, and for bedding, blankets, pillows, and other rustic items.

No-fuss function is key to cabin style. This doesn't mean you can't accessorize your space, just don't overdo-less is more. With adequate storage, you can tuck away basic necessities. Try a simple palette of earthy tones and textures.

Check out for rustic towel bars and hardware, shower curtains, bath towels, and other lodge-inspired bath accessories, and for log-home furnishings, including critter-inspired accents such as wastebaskets, mirrors, nightlights, and bath vanity lights.

Rustic Comfort
Cabin style negates perfection. An irregularly shaped stone fireplace here provides an ideal backdrop for a relaxing evening. Similarly, the raw-wood coffee table mimics the room's structural beams. With such dramatic architecture, it takes only a handful of bold pieces, such as two oversized leather chairs, cowhide rug, and a soaring totem pole, to accentuate the open space.

Check out for sofas and chairs and for cowhide rugs, log and wood carvings, fireplace sets, and more.

Natural Elegance
A dramatic lighting fixture adds warmth to any space. A simple dining set, bar cart, and, again, minimal accents, will put a dramatic view front and center.

Check out for hand-sculpted glass and hand-forged iron and bronze chandeliers with antler and fallow fixtures, as well as artistically crafted sconces and custom-designed pieces, and for lodge-inspired dining sets in a variety of styles and sizes.

For historical inspiration, visit The Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, New York; If you have a do-it-yourself bent, Rustic Furniture Workshop , by Dan Mack, is an excellent resource with lots of color pictures, easy project plans, and insider tips.

Cabin Fever

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