Color It Coastal

Dave Harp
We've taken the guesswork out of inspired seaside decorating. Try one of these winning palettes to bring breezy style into your home-no matter where you live.

On the clearest days, emerald green and aqua paint the surface of the sea. Accompanied by a crisp blue sky, these hues have inspired endless Caribbean fantasies. Bring this vibrant combination inside and you'll feel like you're on vacation all year long. Benjamin Moore Paints;

St. John's Bay : This fresh, sea-green hue will create eye-popping exterior details.

Neon : Pair this striking accent color with white in tantalizing stripes to add instant zing.

Blue Lapis : Used on trim and window muntins, a deep shade provides bold contrast against white walls.

Serenity : Bright yet calming blue can freshen furniture or cover a vivid accent wall.

Lido Green : A sea-foam hue adds subtle color to painted floorboards, baseboards, or window shutters.

One glance at rolling dunes or dramatic driftwood branches and you realize that texture brings browns and beiges to life. To finish off your beach-inspired room, add weathered patinas and nubby fabrics for a classic look that will stand the test of time. Olympic Paints Colors of Inspiration ;

Silver Feather : Gentle pink undertones add airiness to small, intimate spaces.

Timeless Taupe : A hint of dusty mauve makes this an ideal background for bold accessories and fabrics.

Adobe White : Try using a creamy neutral on walls or trim to complement and unify colors throughout the home.

Pony Tail : Reminiscent of sand that has soaked in an afternoon shower, this caramel hue lends warmth to any room.

Oyster Shell : The color of driftwood left behind by a fierce storm, this deep tone will lend richness to a living or dining area.

The sun's fiery descent adds drama to every evening on the coast. Bring the brilliance of this glorious display into your home―it's sure to get a round of applause. Sherwin-Williams ;

Mandarin : Use shocking orange sparingly and daringly to emphasize architectural features.

Gusto Gold : This golden hue makes a cheerful statement, especially when combined with Mandarin.

Wondrous Blue : Just between lavender and blue, a translucent cloud hue cools a hot palette.

Decisive Yellow : Try this bright shade to perk up any flea-market find. Go glossy for extra punch.

Organza : A delicate salmon provides a soothing background for brighter colors.

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