Color It Coastal

Jeff McNamara
Summer's brightest shades create a seaside landscape indoors.

Let the many moods of the sea inspire your home's color scheme. From passionate and lively to relaxed and serene, these home interiors showcase our favorite color combos.

Lighten Up
Pale hues set the scene for a restful retreat. Pairing white upholstery with varying shades of blue and green brings the sky and sea indoors. Soft yellow and gray give the room a modern, summer feel.

Tropical Taste
Bright pinks and blues create a Caribbean adventure. Tropical accessories such as pineapple sconces, scented candles, and a rattan ceiling fan complement the island decor.

Mild Manner
Pale shades of blue combine with white for a clean, airy look. This traditional matchup imparts coastal cottage charm.

Marsh Madness
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Here, yellow-green walls and blue accents echo the marshy landscape just outside.

Matching Memories
Look to beach nostalgia for a retro 1950s combination. Pull your palette of magentas, cozy oranges, and snapdragon pinks from boardwalks, vintage postcards, and surfing memorabilia. With the color scheme set, fill each room with photos and souvenirs for even more allure.

Outside In
Enhance your colors with natural light. Hang mirrors and apply a glossy finish to the walls to reflect views. Add transparent drapes to let the sunshine in.

All Seasons
Greens adapt to different moods depending on the color they're paired with. For a relaxed look, try a soft sage accented with muted tan or white. Want to punch it up? Accent leafy green with midnight blue or a sunny yellow.

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