Coastal Colors: Natural

One glance at rolling dunes or dramatic driftwood logs and you'll appreciate the richness of neutral colors.


Colleen Duffley

Quiet Design

For a palette that never goes out of style, incorporate soft browns and beiges into your decor. The sandy scheme gives interiors a relaxed, informal feel. Offset coquina or lime¬stone floors with natural wood ceilings. The planks will absorb noise in the room.


Lisa Romerein

Low-maintenance Appeal

Layer neutrals and rich browns in a living area. This subtle and stylish palette has an added bonus: It masks sand tracked across the floor. Throw in natural furnishings and accessories for a cohesive look that’s easy to maintain.


Bruce Buck

Look to Nature

Let the colors of a sun-bleached seashell inspire the palette for an entire room. Light walls create a backdrop for materials and fabrics in a variety of darker earth tones.


Jean Allsopp

Use Textured Materials

Add depth to a monochromatic scheme with weathered patinas and nubby fabrics. Dainty details such as lace and fringe appear feminine without looking frilly when done in beige.


Colleen Duffley

Natural Elements

To create elegant beachside interiors, opt for woven and wood furniture with modern lines.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Balancing Act

Use wood to soften the lines of a modern kitchen. Warm wood tones balance the industrial appearance of limestone counters and stainless appliances without detracting from their contemporary appeal.


Laura Moss


Use linen and burlap―their versatility makes them suitable for everything from tablecloths and Roman shades to bedding and upholstery.


Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Add Visual Interest

Compensate for the lack of color in a natural palette with texture. Exterior shingles add an element of surprise when brought indoors, giving a room dimension and visual interest. Too much texture can overwhelm a small space, so this works best in a large, open area.


Colleen Duffley

Let Nature Shine

Neutral schemes for porches and courtyards set off the landscape without distracting from it.


Tria Giovan

Second-Hand Style

Lend a sense of history to newer homes with salvaged or reclaimed wood. It’s environmentally friendly and provides a welcome contrast to newer building components.


No-Fail Neutral #1

Sandpiper by Olympic


No-Fail Neutral #2

Bone White by Benjamin Moore


No-Fail Neutral #3

Familiar Beige by Sherwin-Williams


No-Fail Neutral #4

Sand Fossil by Pittsburgh Paints


No-Fail Neutral #5

Hutchinson by Ralph Lauren

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