Designers' Favorite Coastal Paint Colors

Our favorite tastemakers share their picks for giving your home a distinctly coastal vibe.

Erika Powell's Favorite Colors

Erika Powell

Urban Grace Interiors, Santa Rosa Beach

1. "This is a beautiful blue for the ceiling!”
Buy it: Farrow & Ball Pale Powder (No. 204);

2. "Love this gray-green in a beach house kitchen."
Buy it: Farrow & Ball Mizzle (No. 266);

3. "It’s an absolutely perfect off-white.”
Buy it: Farrow & Ball Lime White (No. 1);

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Sasha Emerson's Favorite Colors

Sasha Emerson

Sasha Emerson Design Studio, Santa Monica

1. "The perfect gray with sneaky hints of dove, beige, and stone."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray (HC-170);

2. "It’s the sweetest shade of turquoisey-blue."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Mountain Laurel (AC-20);

3. "Picks up the silvery-green of an olive branch, but also spring-like and joyful. I love it for a bedroom!”
Buy it: Farrow & Ball Saxon Green (No. 80);

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Tim Clarke's Favorite Colors

Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke Design, Santa Monica

1. "A warm, earthy gray—its organic nature makes a great exterior color."
Buy it: Pratt & Lambert Rubidoux (32-23);

2. "The palest of lavenders, with variations that change at different times of day."
Buy it: Pratt & Lambert Souvenir (30-30);

3. "My go-to—it has a creamy hue that isn't bright and reflective like other whites."
Buy it: Pratt & Lambert China White (33-8);

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Palmer Weiss' Favorite Colors

Palmer Weiss

Palmer Weiss Interior Design, San Francisco

1. "Everyone will feel as if they are inside a Tiffany & Co. box."
Buy it: Farrow & Ball Blue Ground (No. 210);

2. "Beautiful in an all-cream bedroom. Just throw in some muslin drapes!"
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Natural Wicker (OC-1);

3. "I would love a chunky natural grasscloth on the walls and trim painted this mellow orange."
Buy it: Farrow & Ball Orangery (No. 70);

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Calder Clark's Favorite Colors

Calder Clark

Calder Clark Designs, Charleston

1. "Think Secret Garden meets Seaside. So flattering and soft on ceilings in a beach getaway."
Buy it: Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink (No. 245);

2. "An amazing cabinet color, especially if you love vintage jadeite like I do."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Parkside Dunes (568);

3. "I'd cover the walls in matte and the trim in semigloss for a velvety effect."
Buy it: C2 Paint Serene (368);

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Rachel Reider's Favorite Colors

Rachel Reider

Rachel Reider Interiors, Boston

1. "A great blue-gray that's soft and serene, perfect for a bedroom."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments (1563);

2. "It's a gorgeous, bold hue that makes a statement on an accent wall or in a powder room."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Calypso Blue (727);

3. "This color never fails me! The gray and beige undertones create an ideal backdrop for most palettes."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172);

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Windsor Smith's Favorite Colors

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith Home Design, Brentwood, California

1. "This color lends itself to a bedroom or lanai—it's like the palest center of an orchid."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Orleans Violet (1374);

2. "Instantly transports me to the Ocean Club in the Bahamas! Perfect for a painted porch, wicker chairs, or kitchen floors."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Kokopelli Teal (648);

3. "My new color paramour! A saturated blue that has more depth of color than any blue I have ever known."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Summer Nights (777);

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Anthony Baratta's Favorite Colors

Anthony Baratta

Anthony Baratta LLC, New York City

1. "I'm all over the look of Nantucket Reds pants."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Milano Red (1313);

2. "All beach houses have to have some blue-green color to relate to the sea!"
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue (2051-50);

3. "I like a dark chocolate brown in a coastal house—it makes the rest of the colors pop."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Clinton Brown (HC-67);

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Mona Ross Berman's Favorite Colors

Mona Ross Berman

Mona Ross Berman Interiors, Philadelphia

1. "This color is like the ocean personified. Depending on the light, it morphs from blue to green to gray."
Buy it: Donald Kaufman DKC-37;

2. "Gives a seaside home a pop of color. I've used it on doors, furniture, and walls."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore Fresno (020);

3. "Navy is so versatile and screams 'beach!' This one coordinates perfectly gray, yellow, and orange."
Buy it: Benjamin Moore New Providence Navy (1651);

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Julie Massucco Kleiner's Favorite Colors

Julie Massucco Kleiner

Massucco Warner Miller, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco

1. "The perfect ivory—you can use it with abandon and it always looks great"
Buy it: C2 Paint America's Cup (C2-064);

2. "Would be gorgeous in a gloss finish on powder room walls, or even on a dining room ceiling against grasscloth walls"
Buy it: C2 Paint Atoll (1168-M, retired)

3. "The ideal calm counterpoint to intensely bright accent colors"
Buy it: C2 Paint Mirage (5249-W, retired)

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