See the Incredible Houseboat Makeover Featured on Fixer Upper

They took it from a crumbling (and beached!) disaster to a dreamy floating getaway.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for their dramatic home renovations, but most of their projects have one thing in common: they’re firmly rooted on the ground. In this week’s episode of Fixer Upper, the remodel royalty had a challenge of a different kind: to transform a landlocked houseboat into a water-worthy—and family-friendly—getaway.

What they started with: a 1970s double-decker houseboat with a $27,000 asking price and a renovation budget of $58,000. They didn't know if the pontoon-bottomed structure would float atop its new home on Lake Waco in Texas.

What they ended with: a comfortable and contemporary escape with light-filled interiors, thanks to new floor-to-ceiling windows; an open kitchen with a mini apron-front sink—swoon; a fabulous bunk room that's perfect for all four kids; and plenty of hangout-ready outdoor spaces.

And one more thing: We learned a new design term: Skinny-lap (used in the master bedroom) is Joanna’s thin-planked take on shiplap, the siding-inspired wall treatment she’s made popular on Fixer Upper.

See more pictures below and on, where you’ll find before pics too. See more Fixer Upper makeover magic here.

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