Hanging Out

Colleen Duffley
Cabin Hammock in Royal Blue
Go ahead. Sink into one of this summer's
cool new hammocks and discover the virtues of lazy days and ocean breezes. Oh, cabana boy!
Cabin Hammock buyhammocks.com

Large Playa Hammock in Ecru from Nicamaka Distributors; 866/377-1224 or buyhammocks.com.

The Camden Hammock-style Porch Swing by Penobscot Bay Porch Swings. Custom fabrics available upon request; 877/729-1616 or penobscotbayporchswings.com.

Chesapeake Collection 4-pole Hammock from Pottery Barn; 888/779-5176 or potterybarn.com.

Single Polyester Rope Sling Rocker ; 800/398-6004 or hammock-company.com.

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