India Hicks Lookbook

She curates a seaside world everyone wants a piece of.

The Model Islander: India Hicks

Photo: Colleen Duffley

The Model Islander

The daughter of famed British designer David Hicks, the former fashion model has called the Bahamas home for the last seventeen years. “It’s all representative of me and my life,” she says of her British-Colonial-meets-Caribbean aesthetic.

Shining Star: India Hicks

Photo courtesy of India Hicks

Shining Star

Hicks’s island home in the Bahamas is a constant source of ideas for products like the jewelry in her Island Life collection: “A lot of the inspiration that I draw is from the nature that’s around us,” she says.

Seagrass Solution: India Hicks

Photo courtesy of India Hicks

Seagrass Solution

With five children, Hicks knows the importance of having convenient storage options—and particularly ones that you're proud to display. Her Seagrass Baskets hold a wealth of toys or towels and blend seamlessly into any space.

Undersea Comfort: India Hicks

Photo courtesy of India Hicks

Undersea Comfort

“I am designing for HSN—that is a really exciting project,” says Hicks. “It reflects the chapters of my life that I’ve lived out here.” We love her Marine Life and Seashell Decorative Pillows in classic navy and white.

Sweet Dreams: India Hicks

Photo courtesy of India Hicks

Sweet Dreams

Hicks was inspired to create her Harbour Island line of bedding for HSN, including this Harbour Island Reversible Quilt Set, by the beauty she’s found at the sandy bottom of tropical waters, with shells, coral, and sand dollars.

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