Jonathan Adler Lookbook

He broke the mold when it comes to irreverent design, perfect for beach homes.

The Artisan: Jonathan Adler

Photo: Joshua McHugh

The Artisan

“Life should be colorful,” opines Adler, who has seduced followers with an optimistic message that every home can be happy, bright, and incredibly chic.

Wave Maker: Jonathan Adler

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Wave Maker

Defined by playful pop art patterns and the designer's signature "happy-chic" vibe, Adler's pillows provide a surefire way to instantly enliven your pad—particularly if you choose one in his favorite citrusy shade: "To me, orange is the color of sunshine. It's visual Prozac."

Mix Master: Jonathan Adler

Photo: Tim Street-Porter/OTTO

Mix Master

Adler transformed one side of the living space of his Palm Beach retreat into a museum-like showcase by hanging artwork—acquired at different times and boasting unique shapes, sizes, and frames—that shares a common theme: "They're all paintings and sculptures of women staring back at you," he says.

Fun House: Jonathan Adler

Fun House

From ping pong tables and pool toys to swinging lounge chairs on a back patio, Adler decorates with an understanding that the home's first and foremost function is for enjoyment. "Every home should have something that instantly makes you smile," he says. "I don't believe in rules in decorating. If you love it, it'll work."

Star Power: Jonathan Adler

Photo: Tim Street-Porter/OTTO

Star Power

In the moderately sized bedroom, a circa-1970 chrome four-poster Paul Evans bed and electric hued bedding takes center stage with its colossal size and metallic sheen. "There's not much else in the bedroom because when you have a major piece like that, you don't need it," says Adler.

Shed Some Light: Jonathan Adler

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Shed Some Light

We're partial to Adler's statement-making lighting, like this Anchor Lamp, as well as these inspiring words from his company manifesto: "We believe our lamps will make you look younger and thinner."

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