Scent-ual Seven

Aromatic plants blend beauty with powerfully evocative fragrances.

By Katie Atkins Gregg
A light breeze saturated with honeysuckle and lilac perfume rustles ferns, and the lush grass cushions each step as the sun warms your face. Gardens relax the mind, rejuvenate the soul, and awaken the senses?perhaps none more powerfully than scent.

Fragrances can transport you to favorite places, bring back sweet memories of childhood, or create a romantic atmosphere. Add a few of the plants we picked to make your garden "scent"-ual.

Planting Tips
Plant your new fragrant additions near the house so that you can enjoy the aromas inside and out. Intensify a fragrance by placing a plant near a wall or a patio where it will absorb reflected heat. Finally, place your most prized fragrant plants in a more enclosed area such as a courtyard so the scent will linger and not be carried away on a breeze.

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