Decorating with Beach Finds

Bring the shore indoors by dressing your home with seashells and other natural materials.

Rustic Bathroom

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Healing Waters

Smooth river rocks surround a deep tub, bringing a touch of rustic to this otherwise contemporary bath. The stones also create a spa-like atmosphere—and who can’t use that at home?

Island Decor

Photo: J. Savage Gibson

Framed Foliage

Instead of being displayed in a container, this island-originated foliage is framed to become a focal point of the kitchen, thanks to its large size and scale.

Driftwood Decor

Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Natural Light

Flora meets function with driftwood made into a candleholder, a subtle organic element in a condo’s earth-tone living room.

Shell Art

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn

Oyster Art

Coastal without being overly kitschy, this living room is warm and inviting, and gives a nod to its Lowcountry location with an oversize painting that seamlessly melds the room’s colors and materials.

Decorative Shells

Photo: Joe Schmelzer

Seaside Collectibles

Sea stars, shells, and other beach finds placed in glass jars bring back fond memories of beachcombing and serve as conversation starters.

Seashell Accessories

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn

Green In and Out

This room is nature-inspired at its core, from the palm frond–print sofa to the fresh flowers and plants throughout. The seashell-encrusted mirror adds texture and another environmental layer to the South Florida home.

Beach Centerpieces

Photo: Lisa Romerein

Enjoy the View

The view is the best nature has to offer in this Mexico casa, and the fresh limes and large conch shell on the patio’s dining table are a reminder that there doesn’t have to be a clear line between living indoors and out.

Bathroom Decor

Photo: Richard Leo Johnson

Sea-Inspired Shower

It’s easy to pick up on the seaside theme in this large, relaxing bath, but the shells above the shower are especially fun and playful, encouraging new shell-seeking adventures.

Beach Table Decor

Photo: Howard L. Puckett

Open Invitation

As if the citrusy color scheme didn’t feel coastal enough, the large shell bowl is a natural touch to the invitingly arranged table that just screams fresh and summery.

Driftwood Furniture

Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Driftwood Dreamy

The custom table is a contemporary and unexpected element in this California living room. Made from natural driftwood found on the beach, it makes a bold statement while paying tribute to the sea.

Seaglass Fireplace

Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Sea Glass Shimmer

We’re always interested in new ideas for not-in-use fireplaces, and a collection of broken sea glass brings a different kind of glow to the room.

Caribbean Decor

Photo: Annie Schlecter

Classy Caribbean Style

The beautiful Viceroy Anguilla resort offers a good lesson in combining natural elements—such as the driftwood lamp—with chic interiors. Don’t be afraid to mix two styles to create your own.

Shell Bowl

Photo: Roger Davies

Coastal Georgia Welcome

The rustic, large-scale accessories in this entry represent the outside surroundings of Georgia’s southern coast. The large clamshell filled with coral takes center stage but doesn’t overwhelm.

Seashell Chandelier

Photo: Richard Leo Johnson

Shining Shells

Look at that oyster shell chandelier! We love that while it might feel at home in a more muted setting, it also fits in perfectly with cheery flowers and brightly colored fish paintings.

Wood Fireplace Mantels

Photo: Annie Schlecter

Northern Comfort

Constructed of river and beach rocks with a driftwood mantel, this custom fireplace really represents its region and shines with the essence of Nantucket.

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