Seaside Style

Inspired by Neptune's treasures, seaside style can bring the ocean floor to your home.

Beneath the sea's cool blue surface resides a world of bold color. Warm reds, deep oranges, and rich browns paint the sculptural forms of shells, coral, and sea creatures with artistic strokes. On land, these shades evolve into a cosmopolitan living room.

Neutral walls and upholstery serve as a canvas for bright, shell-motif fabrics. Furniture lines and textures mimic waves, dunes, and grasses while glass lamps echo the luminous translucence of jellyfish. Throughout, delicate shells act as accents, keeping this ocean-inspired room true to underwater form.

Choose reef hues. Build on a basic beige palette by picking a few favorite shells tinted in a range of tones, from vivid to subtle. Use these colors to guide fabric and accessory selections.
• Drapes and pillow in coral Corallo and pillows in black and white La Gloire de la Mer, all by Grey Watkins, available to the trade only, 212/755-6700. Solid pillows from Pier 1 imports,

Bring in texture. A natural-fiber chair and a woven seagrass rug create a neutral, but visually interesting, backdrop. Cool-to-the-touch, stone-topped tables host groupings of nubby shells and sea stars. Handblown glass lamps feature gold-hued air bubbles.
• Chair by Henry Link Trading Co. for Lexington Home Brands, Venetian glass lamps by Barbara Barry for Baker,

Make waves. Add movement with shapely silhouettes. The intricate scrolls of the console's base and the leather sofa's rolling back bring to mind the rise and fall of gentle waves.
• Sofa by Century, Iron console by The Sherrill Collection, available to the trade only, 954/923-9985.

Start at the bottom―of the sea, that is. An exquisite shell mirror is crowned with coral. A cocktail table stands on seahorse-shaped legs, and a stack of storage chests suggests sunken treasure.
• Shell mirror from Hamilton Furniture, available to the trade only, 561/832-5855. Seahorse table from the Palm Beach by Mimi & Brooke Collection for Laneventure, Small chest from Pier 1 imports,

Most products featured are available through your architect or designer from Design Center of the Americas in Dania Beach, Florida. For those not working with a professional, DCOTA's "Designer on Call" service offers a two-hour shopping experience, tour, or design consultation with one of its area designers. Call 800/573-2682 or visit for details.

Studio location: One Watermark Place, West Palm Beach, Florida; for more information, visit

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