Small-space Smarts

Jean Allsopp
Make the most of nooks and crannies.

• Use built-ins to minimize the need for excess furniture.

• Work with an architect to take advantage of potentially wasted space and create storage for electronics, laundry, toys, and clothing.

• Choose an open floor plan for easy traffic flow.

• Splurge on windows. Rooms seem larger when natural light streams in from all sides.

• Go for neutral tones and coordinating colors to give the illusion of more space.

• Ensure privacy despite close quarters. In the shared bath, a door closes off the toilet, while a large, troughlike sink with two fixtures offers space enough for everyone.

• Fill in nooks and crannies. A home office and a closet make use of low eaves in the master bedroom.

• Expand living areas to the outdoors with porches, patios, and plenty of seating areas.

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