HGTV Dream Home

John O'Hagan
Welcome to the HGTV Dream Home 2004. This classically designed and decorated structure rises above Georgia's sprawling live oaks near the historic town of St. Marys.
Coastal Living

Just beyond the HGTV Dream Home, slender grasses wave silently with the water as a rising tide tiptoes over the borders of Point Peter Creek and into the salt marshes. From here in Cumberland Harbour, a new community near St. Marys, Georgia, views stretch across the Intracoastal Waterway to the ocean.

Plans for 1,000 homesites and public spaces on as many acres divide into three distinct terrains—marsh-front lots; wooded, inland sites; and lake-view properties. The proposed Club at Cumberland Harbour, with swim and tennis facilities and walking trails, will be centrally located. "The lifestyle here is marine based, and the pace is slower than that on the mainland," says general manager Judson Poole. Because of its direct ocean access, the development will be enhanced by two proposed marinas, a yacht club, and day docks for family outings. "On Saturday afternoon," says Judson, "the homeowners can walk out onto the dock, hop in their boats, and troll the waters surrounding Cumberland Island."

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