Media Room

By Lacey N. Howard
Hidden behind a bookcase on the second story, the media room is the perfect theater for movie buffs. "This was found space during construction," Barry says. "It was just an attic, but we reconfigured it as a usable space." Barry took advantage of the gallery bookcases and chose to hinge one and add an inconspicuous knob instead of installing a standard door. "I was playing to the child in everyone," he explains. "This is a secret hideout."

A casual sectional in classic theater-seat red smartly contrasts with throw pillows in a bevy of blues. Chairs boast special features such as cup holders and power reclining. To enhance the atmosphere, Linda hung classic movie posters. Identical credenzas hold electronics and DVD collections, along with movie-night necessities such as snacks, drinks, and blankets. Hidden behind one credenza door is "a microwave for popcorn," says Linda. "When the crowd runs out of snacks, you won?t miss a single scene."

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