Island Life, English Style - Master Suite

Jean Allsopp

Instead of the popular club chair and ottoman, Jackye opted for a round oak table in an ebony finish. Slipcovered in loose, gauzy material, the side chairs counteract the table's rich tones and solemn facade. "I put a table in the corner because there is a lot of space. If you had guests, you could have your own coffee here, or late at night you could write letters," Jackye explains.

The adjoining master bath boasts a similar scheme. Light blue interior shutters and Egyptian-cotton bath towels underscore the room's ocean appeal. Casual café curtains hide supplies beneath dual vanities, placed on opposite walls. Above, shell mirrors serve as reminders of a day on the beach.

The design team selected horizontal boards for the wainscoting in the master bath. The humid climate of the Lowcountry "will cause the wood to expand and contract over time and bring another layer of interest into the room," says Clay. The treatment, indicative of English proportions, extends above standard chair-rail height, greeting high-set windows that respect privacy and offer additional brightness. At night, matching sconces with contemporary shades softly light the room.

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