Meet the East Beach Team

Meet those who are designing, building, and decorating the 2011 East Beach Ultimate Beach House in Norfolk, Virginia.

East Beach Interior Decorator Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard is the interior decorator for the 2011 East Beach Idea House in Virginia.

Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

East Beach Interior Architectural Designer Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard is the interior architectural designer for the 2011 East Beach Idea House in Virginia.

Courtesy of Andrew Howard

The East Beach Team

Clockwise from bottom left: Al Abiouness, partner, East Beach Company (EBC); Rock Bell, general manager, EBC; Howard Simpson, construction manager; Phoebe Howard, interior decorator; Bart Frye, managing partner, EBC; Mary-Dolph Simpson, construction manager; Jim Boohaker, director of development, EBC; Andrew Howard, interior architectural designer; Steve and Wanda Mouzon, architects; Carina and Page Simpson, construction managers; Donna Alexander, sales manager, EBC; Jane Cantin and Ian Stubbs, landscape designers; Roger Wood, town architect, EBC. Not pictured: Larry Goldrich, partner, EBC; Bill Burger, partner, EBC; Lane Brown, interior project manager; Jim McNaught, Realtor; Bonita Mitchell, site maintenance manager, EBC

Photographer: Robbie Hickman

Community: East Beach

Developer/Builder:  East Beach Company, LLC

Construction Manager: Simpson Builders, Inc.

Architect:  Steve Mouzon, Mouzon Design
Mouzon Design, the husband and wife team of Steve and Wanda Mouzon, produces a number of town-building tools and services. Their house plans have been featured repeatedly as Home of the Month in Southern Living and Coastal Living magazines. Steve is also the Town Architect at several new hamlets, villages and neighborhoods around the country.

Interior Decorator: Phoebe Howard
Fourteen years ago Phoebe and Jim Howard opened their first store, Mrs. Howard, in Jacksonville, Florida. Five years later they opened another store, Max and Company. Today, they have stores in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Charlotte and Atlanta. The stores, along with Phoebe's numerous design projects have been chronicled in countless publications.

Interior Architectural Design and Specifications: Andrew Howard

Landscape Design: Jane Cantin and Ian Stubbs

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