Tidewater Landing

Jean Allsopp
Welcome to the annual Coastal Living Idea House, where our team created almost 7,000 square feet of inspirational spaces just steps from the Chesapeake Bay.

Behind sea oats and sand dunes rises our Idea House's three-story, shingle-clad facade. Exterior shingles painted deep green and a wraparound porch supported by sculptural columns call to mind old Norfolk style, hinting at the 700-home planned community's focus on vernacular Southern style. "Our vision was to create a unique neighborhood that would combine the quality of design and architecture with the quality of life we felt this area could generate," says East Beach managing partner Bart Frye.

The developers' master plan has been years in the making―transforming a 100-acre urban area badly in need of redevelopment. "The city of Norfolk wanted to recycle this land instead of eliminating [undeveloped] green area," Bart says. The result, he says, will be a water-focused, pedestrian community between the Chesapeake Bay and Pretty Lake, where a marina serves locals. "Here, you have a terrific house in a place where you can walk or bike from home to the beach and perhaps your boat," Bart says. In addition, there's entertainment, dining, and boutique shopping.

To serve families, a Montessori school welcomes children ages 3 to 6. Parks grace almost every block. Players compete with knee-high kings and queens on the giant chessboard outside the clubhouse. "The Bay Front Club has a pool and deck area where residents can enjoy the sights, sounds, and breezes of the beach without the sand―and with a drink, if they'd like," Bart says.

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Coastal Living

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