Tidewater Landing: Dining Room

Text by Lacey N. Howard
"The dining table is very classic," says Debbie of the area's rectangular centerpiece, which boasts elegant Queen Anne-style legs and two 20-inch leaves. "We put a modern twist on it by replacing some of the chairs with a cream-color, tufted-leather settee."

A wool rug anchors the room with darker hues of blue and beige, and a touch of coral. Overhead, a sculptural glass chandelier almost disappears against a bank of windows and bay views. "The glass contrasts all the wood and adds sparkle and interest," says Debbie, "and it doesn't block your view."

More glass backs the bar lining one wall of the dining room. Mirrors reflect the sea and yield old-Hollywood glamour. Built-in cabinets and drawers hold necessities, while an under-counter wine cellar with adjustable controls keeps as many as 50 bottles of whites and reds at the perfect serving temperatures.

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