Tidewater Landing: Entry

Jean Allsopp

"The foyer introduces the relaxed, coastal feel of the home," adds Susan's associate, Debbie Faulkner, of the towering entry with its wide staircase. Here, antique heart-pine floors showcase a honey-hue shine. Stair treads and banisters finished in a rich, long-lasting stain repeat the look of the floors' reclaimed wood. Accents set the coastal tone. Distinctive artwork showcases native flora, and a bowing shorebird rests on the landing. A small table with turned legs, a shapely lamp, and a striped wool rug offer color and style.

Off this vestibule, a study exudes masculinity with stained paneling and built-in bookcases. Twin leather armchairs and an ottoman gather in front of a moss-color marble fireplace. A leather-topped oval desk and statuesque lamp create a handsome space for paying bills and checking stock prices online. Above, the room opens to a spacious second-floor landing accessed by the stairwell and complete with seating and storage.

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Coastal Living

Call 205/445-8654 for more information.

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