Tidewater Landing: Floor Plan

Jean Allsopp

Inside, three stories of trim work, fireplaces, and built-in cabinets all draw on the Norfolk vernacular. "And the natural-finish wood doors inside tie in to the old-house feel," she says. On the first floor, Gerrie planned a large, flowing space so that views were captured from as many rooms as possible―including the kitchen and living and dining rooms. The kitchen design produces the impression that the room has history. "The wide, level island, the built-in china cabinet, and the difference in finishes give the effect," Gerrie says. A walk-through pantry provides extra storage and elevator access, while the mudroom offers a small shower for rinsing feet, dirty dogs, or sandy children.

Three second-floor bedrooms each have private baths. One room accesses a covered balcony. The master suite, self-contained on the third floor, also has a balcony, as well as a sitting area, bath, fireplace, coffee bar, and generous closet. Above the garage, the guest cottage comes equipped with its own kitchen, bath, and walkway to the nearby cabana's crow's nest. The screened cabana houses an outdoor kitchen and dining space.

House Plan: To order working drawings of Tidewater Landing (COL-0511-1240), call 866/772-1023.

Costs: Planning set, $365; five sets, $1,075; eight sets, $1,160; reproducible sets, $1,330. Postage, handling, and applicable taxes will be added.

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