Tidewater Landing: Living Room

Jean Allsopp

Furnishings with curving silhouettes complement the palette. A demure sofa lined with pillows fronts a pair of club chairs. A wing chair covered in outdoor fabric promises to repel life's little messes. Near the fireplace, an oversize ottoman on casters, also upholstered in outdoor fabric, offers mobile seating and doubles as a tabletop when entertaining.

"The furniture frames are all very traditional, but we used an eclectic mix of fabrics," says designer Allyson Jones. "The upholsteries are soft colors," Susan adds. "But rather than ho-hum neutral, the variety of fabric textures gives life and harmony to the room." Loose-weave linen sheers with blue-fringe trim frame windows, and sea-blue tweed-style fabric covers club chairs.

Accessories also add tactile interest. Natural-fiber window shades match a sea grass rug and raffia lamp shades. Pillows covered in mother-of-pearl buttons glisten alongside a silver lamp and a shell-filled glass urn.

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Coastal Living

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