Tidewater Landing: Master Suite

Jean Allsopp

In the bedroom, a graceful chair and ottoman cozy up to the fireplace and windows with sailboat vistas. A low wall behind the king-size sleigh bed separates the bath without blocking the scenery.

Personal space is built into the master bath, with mirror-image vanities and water closets. The infinity spa tub and glass-walled shower are built for two. "The bath has some very contemporary architectural features," says Debbie. "So we used traditional elements to balance those out." Polished marble tops the twin walnut vanities. Coordinating mirrors offer classic styling in the glass-tiled space. Rich coral bath linens and mother-of-pearl accessories provide bright color and shimmer. Like pieces of modern art, channel fixtures in brushed nickel adorn the tub and sinks.

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Coastal Living

Call 205/445-8654 for more information.

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