Tidewater Landing: Nautical Bedroom

Jean Allsopp
Tidewater Landing: Nautical Bedroom

"We used tall pine bookshelves on either side of the bed rather than traditional night tables," Debbie says. "Above the bed, we hung porthole mirrors." An oak drop-lid desk and a chair upholstered in playful red-and-white fabric creates a space for constructing a memory book of last summer's vacation. "Mixing the black and pine wood tones is a great way to achieve interest and texture," Susan says. "Having just a few pine pieces makes the finish stand out even more beautifully."

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Checks may be sent to Coastal Living, c/o Mamie Walling, 2100 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL, 35209. Please specify which version and write "NorfolkCD" in the memo line.

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