Tidewater Landing: Nautical Bedroom

Jean Allsopp

"We used tall pine bookshelves on either side of the bed rather than traditional night tables," Debbie says. "Above the bed, we hung porthole mirrors." An oak drop-lid desk and a chair upholstered in playful red-and-white fabric creates a space for constructing a memory book of last summer's vacation. "Mixing the black and pine wood tones is a great way to achieve interest and texture," Susan says. "Having just a few pine pieces makes the finish stand out even more beautifully."

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Checks may be sent to Coastal Living, c/o Mamie Walling, 2100 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL, 35209. Please specify which version and write "NorfolkCD" in the memo line.

Call 205/445-8654 for more information.

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