This Charming Lighthouse in Michigan Is For Sale

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom lighthouse (yes, you read that right!) is our latest real estate crush.

We cannot get enough of this unbelievably charming lighthouse for sale in Goetzville, Michigan.

Sitting pretty on the St. Mary’s River, which flows from Lake Superior to Lake Huron, this unique property offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a seven-acre private island.

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Fresh white cabinetry and large windows overlooking the river bring light into the kitchen, while wood floors add warmth. The cozy cooking space also includes a well-appointed dining area, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast with a view.

Picture windows, high ceilings, and gorgeous dark wood floors combine in a bedroom that feels both comfortable and airy.

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More: See more photos and the full listing here.

Listed for $1,995,000, this island home also comes with a caretaker, to ensure that your lighthouse lifestyle is stress-free. But with a front yard like this, we can’t imagine that living the good life is too difficult. Yes, we would be content to call this little escape home sweet home. Wouldn’t you?

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