Tips for Drying Plants

Drying Do's

Carol uses an extra room in her house to dry and store the plants she gathers, but she says a dark, well-ventilated attic or closet would make an ideal temporary drying room. Choose a space with low moisture levels to prevent mildew, and keep it dark to preserve colors.

Here are Carol's suggestions for successful drying:

•Pick flowers and herbs when they are in full bloom to capture optimum color and texture.

•Harvest leaves and grasses before they begin to turn brown.

•Bunch a few cuttings together with a rubber band, and hang them upside down.

•Leave plenty of space between hangings for good air circulation. And dry corn husks, seaweed, and fruits on a flat screen, allowing air to circulate above and below.

•Let dry for at least three weeks before assembling wreaths.

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