Coastal Pet Essentials

Life’s a beach with fun coastal gear for your much-loved pup.

Pet Gear: Raincoat

Photographer Ted Tucker


This rain jacket has a 100 percent Nylon shell and features a harness hole for convenient leash attactment.

Buy it: Pocket Fold-Up Raincoat, $32;

Pet Gear: Pet Sunscreen SPF 15

Photographer Ted Tucker

Sunscreen for Dogs

Just 30 minutes of sun can mean a burn for your pooch. Protect your pet with SPF-15 sunscreen that is non-oily, non-irritating, and water soluable.

Buy it: Sunscreen for Dogs, $11;

Pet Gear: Cairo Dog Bowl

Photographer Ted Tucker

Cairo Dog Bowl

Made of cast resin and inspired by a basket-weave pattern, these bowls give a little beach style to Fido's feeding time.

Buy it: Cairo Dog Bowl, $20;


Pet Gear: Red Dingo Dog Tags

Photographer Ted Tucker

Red Dingo Dog Tags

These stainless steel and enamel identification tags feature colorful designs on one side, and up to two lines of engraving on the back side.

Buy it: Red Dingo dog tags, $18;

Pet Gear: Lani—Dig Your Dog Beach Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Spray/Detangler

Photographer Ted Tucker

After-Beach Shampoo

This after-beach shampoo, conditioner, and body spray is created to soothe any minor scratches or sunburns and keep the coat clean and brushable.

Buy it: Lani—Dig Your Dog Beach Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Spray/Detangler, $15 to $19;

Pet Gear: Chunky Fisherman Sweater

Photographer Ted Tucker

Fisherman Sweater and Sailcloth Dog Bed

Keep your pooch cozy on cool beach nights in a cable-knit sweater. The sailcloth dog bed cover is sized so that two king-size pillows fit perfectly inside.

Buy it: Chunky Fisherman Sweater, $45; Recycled Sailcloth Dog Bed Cover, $75 (insert not included);


Pet Gear: Bon Chien Dog Food Storage Cans

Photographer Ted Tucker

Bon Chien Dog Food Storage Cans

French for "good dog," these Bon Chien canisters look good and keep food fresh.

Buy it: Food Storage Canisters, $52-60 each;



Pet Gear: Bone Rope Toys

Photographer Ted Tucker

Bone Rope Toys

These 100% cotton, machine-washable toys are especially ideal for teething puppies.

Buy it: Cotton Rope Bone, $8-10; 



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