2003 "Capture the Coast" Contest Winners

The results of our 2003 photo contest are in. For readers, the challenge was a snap.

We were astonished to find 4,000 entries, more than double last year's total, pouring into our mailboxes. They arrived from 49 states, six Canadian provinces, and Mexico―some elaborately packaged and some in plain white envelopes, but all sporting a universal plea to the post office for care.

Enduring the inevitable paper cuts, we opened each one. In the agonizing process of choosing only five to appear on our pages, we sorted through stunning sunsets, sputtering surfers, and sun-kissed beach bums. These images show how much you respect nature, how much you appreciate a good time, and how much you love your children. You captured the coast from every angle.

So pull out those cameras and get ready for next year―we hope to receive even more photos that represent the shore's varied charms. Maybe the entry pool will double yet again.

As Mark Rasmussen, our third runner-up, says, "The colors in my photo are true. It's important to capture them because they're as beautiful on film as they are in reality―all you have to do is go looking for it." When you find it, send it to us. We'll be sure to warn the mailroom.

We had a difficult time choosing five winners. See the contest honorable mentions in the slideshow link at left.

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