2006 "Capture the Coast" Contest Winners

Jonathan Nissanov
We're celebrating five years of our photo contest with five unforgettable images of the coast.

Each year, it becomes more difficult to narrow down the thousands of entries in our photo contest to five winners. Many arrive with stories attached, acknowledging that photographs of the sea are always enriched by our memories.

This year's grand prize winner, Jonathan Nissanov, remembers snapping the evocative springtime photo shown. "I must admit," he says, "when I came across this unattended boat, I had an urge to sneak it out for a sail. It was as though both it and I were dreaming of the lapping waves."

Mara Zaslove, our first runner-up, says the perfect reflection of bright kayaks made her do a double take. Second runner-up Jim Guille recalls that his granddaughter Ellie "would fill up her bucket and carefully carry water back up the beach. Every time she dumped water into the [sand castle's] moat, it would disappear, and off she went to get more." We couldn't resist featuring such tongue-out commitment―or that shock of red hair.

The third and fourth runners-up prove that memories can be made on palm-shaded Mexican sands or on the rocky coast of Maine. And as our first of many honorable mentions shows, in the end, those memories are really all about the people who share the coast with us. Wherever you are, we hope you're dreaming of the lapping waves too.

Grand prize winner:
Jonathan Nissanov
Philadelphia, PA

First runner-up:
Mara Zaslove
Santa Monica, CA

Second runner-up:
Jim Guille
St. Helena Island, SC

Third runner-up:
Debra Sovich
Baden, PA

Fourth runner-up:
Robert Dennis
Andover, MA

Five Fabulous Prizes
Grand prize winner receives a three-night stay at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel, including dinner for two and access to 28 miles of beaches and amenities galore. We will provide $500 toward transportation.

First runner-up receives $350. Second, third, and fourth runners-up receive $100.

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