Ask a Designer: Nathan Turner

Photo: Oberto Gili
L.A.-based designer Nathan Turner chats about antiques, laid-back style, and man's best friend.

Describe your design mantra.
NT: I think everything in a home should be a reflection of the people who live there. I like an undecorated look, where things feel like they’ve been collected over time.

Best antique score?
NT: One of my favorite finds ever was a quirky little papier mâché globe from the 19th century. In a world where so many things are mass-produced, it makes me happy to know I’m never going to see anything like that again.

Any tips for design-loving dog owners?
NT: My dogs are part of the family and have free rein in the house, so I use a lot of outdoor fabrics from Lulu DK and Perennials. They look and feel just like indoor fabrics but are more resistant to stains and tears.

Formal or casual?
NT: I find that most of my clients want a laid-back look that’s also comfortable and inviting. I’ll pick a cozy, upholstered sofa over a sleek, uptight one every time.

What’s your go-to palette for beach homes?  
NT: I’ve never met a blue I didn’t like. My favorite hues reflect the color of the ocean in the winter—those gray, steely blues are perfect.

Next round’s on us. What are you having?
NT: I’d probably take a beer. I’m big on Mexican lagers, like Pacifico or Negra Modelo, with lemon wedges squeezed in.

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