Timmy Cheramie

Courtland W. Richards
This Louisiana shrimper has dedicated his life to harvesting America's finest.

Timmy Cheramie says not all shrimp are created equal. A third-generation shrimper from Cut Off, Louisiana, Timmy has more than 30 professional years under his net. He knows wild American shrimp are sweet, tender, and pulled fresh from the sea, but warns that you might be buying farmed produce from abroad.

On the boat: "Every three or four hours you pick up your drag, clean the deck, and take turns watching the wheel. That lasts almost two weeks. I usually go out with another guy, but if you're shorthanded, you stay awake for three or four days."

Seafood staple: "I never get sick of shrimp. I eat it broiled or grilled―doctor's orders―but I miss it fried with a pot of beans."

Cost of shrimp: "Hurricane Katrina actually did us some good, as far as pushing in more shrimp, but the price went to nothing. We're forced to compete with foreign pond-raised shrimp, and we just can't."

Speak up: "Ask for wild American shrimp. If they don't have it, buy chicken. A nice piece of American chicken."

For more on wild American shrimp, visit wildamericanshrimp.com.

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