Your Coast

Your photos remind us that our love of the sea will never fade.

Reader photo from the Baxter, Barron, and Flanagan families

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

“The six parents in our group have been good friends since the husbands attended law school together in the 1980s. Last year, our families went on a pre-holiday beach trip. This shot triggers fun memories―all full of love, joy, and friendship. We enjoyed the trip so much that on Christmas morning, the day after we got back, one of the Flanagan kids called the Baxters to wish them Merry Christmas and then asked, ‘What’s on the agenda today?’ ” ―The Baxter, Barron, and Flanagan families, Philadelphia, PA

Reader photo from Milton Thomas

Morris Island Lighthouse, Folly Beach, South Carolina

“This photo was taken on a cold January morning while on board with two fellow architects who were taking photos to hang in a medical building we just completed. We loved this shot so much that we had it printed on special wallpaper and enlarged to fit a 10-foot wall. I look for the same lighthouse when I go offshore fishing, and every time it tells me I’m almost home.” ―Milton Thomas, Summerville, South Carolina

Reader photo from Rebecca Rich

Abacos, Bahamas

“I took this photo during an evening on the beach with my husband, Andrew, and our two dogs, Jack and Rita. The sun was just about to disappear below the horizon, so we went down to the beach to run our dogs. I brought along my camera thinking the lighting was nice, and I snapped this shot just as Andrew turned to run with the dogs. This is joy at
its fullest. Pure happiness.” ―Rebecca Rich, Stone Harbor, NJ

Reader photo from Kirsten Henry

Moose Peak Lighthouse, Mistake Island, Maine

“My husband, two girls, and I are currently on a yearlong sailing expedition from our home in Maine to the Caribbean islands―a dream that my husband and I have had since high school. A month into it, we stopped at this remote lighthouse, which is only accessible by boat. There was no one else around for miles, and it was a magical experience to feel like we were the only people in the world.” ―Kirsten Henry, Franklin, Maine

Reader photo from Cheri Faso Olf

Captiva Island, Florida

“Each winter our family takes a beach vacation to escape our cold New England weather. I love this photo from last year not only because the great blue heron looks so majestic but because I wasn’t even aiming for him! I had my lens pointed at the sea beyond, waiting to capture a pod of dolphins, and it flew right in front. What a happy accident! The photo hangs in my bedroom as a daily reminder of our wonderful vacation and that Mother Nature is full of surprises.” ―Cheri Faso Olf, Tiverton, RI

Reader photo from Dawn Primeau

Cape Neddick “Nubble” Lighthouse, York, Maine

“While visiting friends in Massachusetts on our first trip to New England, my son and I took an impromptu road trip to Maine to see this lighthouse. Its quaint little house, built for a lighthouse keeper long ago, was like a glimpse into a different lifetime. I had just bought a new camera on the way and couldn’t be happier that I had something so beautiful to test it on.” ―Dawn Primeau, Lakeland, Florida

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